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Year 5


You can now keep in touch with each other and me through the 2email function in Purple Mash. Log in to Purple Mash as usual and go to 'tools' then 'Communicating and Sharing' then '2Email'.

You will find a message from me. Please reply to it so I know you have picked it up. I will email you regularly and you can chat to me this way.

I really hope I will hear from lots of you - who will be first?!


If you have forgotten your Purple Mash log in, get a parent to email me on my school email address ( and I will send you a reminder of your login details.

What's on this page


This page gives you:

  • online safety links
  • a copy of the home learning activities set in school
  • ideas for online English activities
  • ideas for online Maths activities
  • ideas for online History activities



Every Monday to Friday at 9am on YOUTUBE Channel : The Body Coach TV , Joe Wicks (the body coach) is running a virtual PE lesson for kids. Get up, get active and enjoy it!

Check this page for regular readings of Wonder by Mr Taylor! First upload on Thursday 26th March.


There are so many things you can do to help you learn at home.

I would love to know what you have been up to.

You could:

  • email me and tell me about your work, or ask for advice :
  • Keep copies of any work you have done on paper and show me when you get back to school
  • Create a diary/video blog of your home learning
  • Make a powerpoint of some of the things you have worked on or learnt and share it when we are back at school

I have given you lots of ideas about things you can do. It is important that whichever activities you choose to do, you do them thoroughly and well so that you learn from them.



I would really like you to start by visiting and exploring the following websites (either the 8-10 years or the 11-13 years sections)


Visit here before you access any other online learning.








Homework activities


There are loads of great websites for you to Google, but here are two to get you started.


Maths for Kids 


These activities are at different levels of difficulty and work well on tablets and phones.






Click on the button marked Most Popular Free Maths Games



Remember - the best way to get better at reading to read! It doesn't matter what you read, just keep reading and finding out things that interest you.


This links you to reading activities, puzzles and games but Topmarks has lots of other activities too! Note: Many of these games require Flash enabled in order to run.


Fun English Games

4 short interactive reading activities designed to make you think!





A selection of grammar, punctuation, reading, writing and spelling activities


There are some fantastic sites giving you information about the Ancient Egyptians and lots of interactive activities to explore.


The Children's University of Manchester

Lots of interesting information and online activities to try.




National Museums Scotland

Brilliant games and challenges - I still haven't managed to build a successful pyramid! Let me know if you do...


Discovering Egypt

Just for fun - Try typing a message in hieroglyphic symbols.


Ancient Egypt


This is a super site to explore the whole of entering via the following link.



I have found 2 particularly good parts of the site and given you links directly to those parts below.



Learn the Ancient Egyptian Creation story (how the world began) by watching this simple animation.




Find out all about your favourite gods and goddesses. There is information about 29 on this page, but in fact the Ancient Egyptians worshipped many, many more!


Other useful links


If you use Lexia at school, then you can use your log in to work on it at home.

If you are asked to enter your teacher's email, use





When you first enter the site you will need to locate your school portal. Use the postcode CM18 7RH (get the capital letters and spaces right!) and you will be able to access our school's site.

You have your own purple mash log in. If you have lost or forgotten it, email me (or get you parents to!) and I can remind you of your login details.