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Year 5

Celebrating being at home

Thank you for you photos - scroll further down the page to find them!

Summer is nearly here -

time to celebrate the arts!



As we move towards the summer holidays, I have set your next two weeks of home learning based on the arts. You can see the timetable below.

  • You still have maths and spelling lessons for each day, and an online safety lesson for each week.
  • Some days, there is also a BBC foundation subject lesson set – the timetable shows you which day the lesson is showing, but you can access them after that date too.
  • There are 2 suggested art projects. You can choose to do just one of them, or have a go at both – it’s up to you.
  • Please send me pictures of what you produce.



2 week timetable (6th - 17th July)

Homelearning timetable for the next 2 weeks.



As well as continuing your spelling activities - see the details for each group below - you need to write a letter. Mrs Dutton has asked you to write to her and email your letter directly to her ( She wants you to tell her everything that you want her to know about you. She is looking forward to hearing from all of you by Friday 17th July.

This is your opportunity to make a really good impression - go for it!

Follow the links below to access your maths, foundation subject and online safety lessons.

Art project 1

Visit the website and get an adult to register you. It does not cost anything but you need to enroll with an email address.

There are then a sequence of video lessons that show you how to create these intricate patterns and draw your own zendoodle animals.


Art Project 2

Based on the theme of wildlife you can explore different craft activities.

There are four different craft activities on the links below


Hedgehog puppet                Cardboard crafts                Butterfly mobile             Make a scented bag

Daily Spelling Activities for your group

Some super science week photos. Thanks B!

It worked! Don't blink or you'll miss it!

Still image for this video

Taking off!

Still image for this video

Grace's PE

Still image for this video

Grace's PE (2)

Still image for this video

Krishtina's baking

11th May - 22nd May

Sune's science

Still image for this video

Becky enjoying cooking (...and eating ... and video editing!)

Still image for this video

Ella has been making lunch. Looks delicious.

Still image for this video

Mental Health and Wellbeing




Remember the following webites for advice and activities about online safety or to report inappropriate activity.






In addition - if you enjoy some mindfulness and think you need some headspace, visit



Have fun and stay mentally and physically healthy


Daily Extras

Stay Active

At least 10 minutes of physical activity. 

Try Joe Wicks

 Cosmic Yoga


Times Tables Rockstars

10 minutes a day


Life Skill - there are plenty here to keep you going for the summer. Work these skills up so you can do them all confidently.

  • Make an evening meal for your whole family- and clear up afterwards
  • Plan the safest route out of your house in the event of a fire
  • Make sure you know your full postal address and can write it with the correct spellings.
  • Make sure you can tie shoelaces - Properly, not just tucking them in!
  • Learn how to use the washing machine - or another household appliance!
  • Make your lunch every day and clear up afterwards
  • Make your bed and tidy your clothes every day





Harlow Museum time capsule


I have come across another interesting project run by Harlow Museum. They are encouraging children to create a time capsule of their experiences. They have produced a booklet for you to complete and you can take it to the museum when it reopens and they will keep a copy for the future. They are looking forward to hearing from you. 

Outdoor Connections



Listen carefully out of the window or from your garden. You will hear most very early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

What birdsongs can you hear?

Learn to identify common British birds by their song. You might well hear a blackbird!


The weather

Learn about different types of clouds and keep a weather diary or produce and information page.

There is loads of information about clouds on the internet, but this will get you started.


Your view

Draw or paint a view from your window. Look at some of these examples for inspiration.

















Other useful links


If you use Lexia at school, then you can use your log in to work on it at home.

If you are asked to enter your teacher's email, use





When you first enter the site you will need to locate your school portal. Use the postcode CM18 7RH (get the capital letters and spaces right!) and you will be able to access our school's site.

You have your own purple mash log in. If you have lost or forgotten it, email me (or get you parents to!) and I can remind you of your login details.


Activities fom previous weeks.

Here you will find online safety, mental health, spelling lessons, daily weekly timetable from previous weeks in case you are still wanting to access those activities.

You can still do the experiments I set for science week!

Hinduism Lessons


Hindu Gods Lesson 1. Work through the powerpoint and complete the worksheet.

RE Lesson - Hindu Gods 2

Last week you learnt about the Trimurti (the three main Gods in Hinduism representing the creator, the preserver and the destroyer).

Each of these is linked to other gods (deities) in various ways. You will learn about a few more of them in this lesson.

Activity 1: visit

and label the three gods of the Trimurti – did you remember them all?

Activity 2: use the following websites

to help you find out the information you need to match the correct picture to the description of the Hindu God on the worksheet.


Hindu Gods worskheet

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Joyful June daily activities

Joyful June daily activities 1

Mental Fitness Challenge

18th - 22nd May


This week I would like you to watch 2 videos with an adult.


Video 1 - Explaining mental health

Video 2 - Kindness motivational video



Mental Health and Wellbeing


I have not received many of your 'amazing person' badge designs so I am leaving this lesson on for another week.


The lesson before this one, which focuses on feelings, is now in Section 5. It is a very important lesson that you should do with an adult.


This week's lesson focuses on you and your positive qualities. You can do this lesson on your own or with an adult, but either way, it would be good to share it with someone once you have completed the activities.


Activity 1 - I am an amazing person.

Complete the worksheet thinking carefully about what makes you original, unique and wonderful. If you can't think of ideas, ask other people - they will know why they think you are amazing!


Activity 2 - Now design a badge showing how amazing you are. Think about the things you put on the worksheet and how you will represent them. Here are a few badge ideas I found on the internet:

Please send me a picture of your badge once you have completed it.


Online Safety Lessons

So far I have set you 3 cybersmart lessons and 1 thinkuknow lesson.

You can find them all below.

Cybersmart 1: Cybersmart Forever

This is the first of 3 cybersmart lessons.


I would like you to do this activity with an adult.

There is a 5 minute video to watch 

and 2 activities to complete.

Cybersmart 2: Cybersmart Detectives


This is the 2nd of 3 Cybersmart lessons


There is a short video to watch and two activities to complete.


Activity 1 - Design a profile for yourself that would be safe to share online.

Safe profiles could include:
  * First name, nickname or pseudonym
  * Hobbies, interests with no specific details such as club name
  * Only photos where specific details can’t be identified such as school or sports uniform, location, time
  * Likes and dislikes such as movies or food
Safe profiles should not include:
  X Full name
  X Full name of friends or family
  X Birth date
  X Name of school or clubs/teams
  X Photos that can easily identify you e.g. school uniform
  X Home address, phone number


Activity 2 - Make an action plan of what you could do if you received a message online from someone you do not know or that makes you feel uncomfortable. Think about the different trusted adults you can still contact,

Cybersmart 3: Cybersmart Heroes

This is the 3rd and final lesson in the cybersmart series. You should have already completed lessons 1 and 2. 


You need to do Cybersmart lessons with an adult.


Watch the short video and discuss the content.


There are two activities to do with an adult.

Think U Know Lesson 1 - just open the PDF and follow the instructions

Think u know lesson 2. Just open the pdf and follow the instructions

Think U Know Lesson 3. Just open the pdf and follow the instructions.

think u know lesson 5 - just open the pdf and follow the instructions

Spelling Group 3
Spelling Group 2
Spelling Group 1
Weekly Timetables

Weekly timetable 29th June - 3rd July

Weekly Timetable 22nd - 26th June