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Year 1

Hello Year 1,


Rainbows of Hope seem to be springing up all over the place. Have you created yours? We would love to see them and any other examples of the learning that you have been doing at home. We now have a class email address where your parents can write to us to let us know how you've been getting on with your learning, share photos (please let us know if you're happy for the photos to go on the website) and ask any questions:


More home learning ideas have been added below.


We miss you all and hope that you are all well!


Miss.Fletcher and Mrs.Ward


Hic! Jaclin Azoulay shared with permission of Imagine That Publishing Ltd

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Home Learning Ideas for the week starting 30/03/2020:

  • I have set some projects on Purple Mash for you to have a go at. They will be logged under 2Dos. Your passwords are stuck in either your spellings books or your reading records.
  • Read as much as you can. You can read your reading books, school library books and other books for pleasure.
  • Practise counting forwards and backwards from 50.
  • Count in 2s, 5s and 10s to 50.
  • Use objects around the house to help you with addition and subtraction number sentences to 20 (50 if you can find enough objects to help you).
  • Find one more and one less of numbers up to 50.
  • Write in your bean diary to explain what changes have happened over the last week (send in some pictures to the email address if you are able!)
  • Draw a picture of yourself and label as many body parts as you can think of.
  • While you are taking your daily walk, look to see what animals you can observe.  Where did you spot them? What were they doing? 
  • Write your own Jack and the Beanstalk story with you as the main character. Where will your beanstalk take you? Remember to include lots of description.
  • Use phonics play to play some phonics games (If you don't have access to a computer, practise your phonics using the sound mats sent home  at parent's evening.
  • Go on a shape hunt around your house. How many 2D and 3D shapes can you find?

Science Ideas



Hi Year 1!


Just a quick message to say that we hope you are all well and are enjoying spending some time with your families. We miss you! We hope that you are managing to work your way through your home learning pack and some of the activities suggested on this site. We will be updating the website regularly so watch this space for some new activity suggestions.


Keep safe!


Miss. Fletcher and Mrs.Ward


Home Learning & Well Being:

Some suggested activities:

  • Take a walk and observe the evidence of Spring. Make a record of what you saw.
  • Plant a seed and watch it grow. How did you take care of your plant?
  • Play a board game with your family. 
  • Practice life skills such as tying shoelaces, learning simple cooking skills, using a knife and fork correctly and taking part in age-related household chores.
  • Dance to your favourite song!
  • Complete the 30 day lego challenge.
  • Create a picture - add some arts and crafts if you have them available.
  • Create a model castle.
  • Practice your spellings from the entire year.
  • Read daily.
  • Complete your home learning pack.
  • Research castles. Can you write down any key facts? Do you have any questions you want answered?
  • Practice number bonds to 10 (0+10 = 10, 1 + 9 = 10, 2 + 8 = 10 etc) Jack Hartman on youtube is helpful for this.
  • Count forwards and backwards to 100.
  • Count in 2s, 5s and 10s.
  • Create a poster about being a good friend.
  • Create an Easter Prayer.


Suggested Websites to help with home learning (Links supplied at bottom of website:

  • TWINKL are currently providing free membership with code CVDTWINKLHELPS (limited time only) you can download Year 1 curriculum based material.
  • Phonics Play are currently providing free membership using username: march20 password: home (limited time only). We have covered phases 3-5a so far this year. There are many games related to these phases for the children to play.
  • Purple Mash is a computing program that the children are familiar with from use within school. Children should have their own individual logins stuck in either their spellings book or their reading record.
  • TopMarks have free online games that can be played for both Maths and Literacy. Please make sure that you select Year 1.


We hope you find this helpful,


Miss. Fletcher and Mrs.Ward


Welcome to Year 1

Mrs. Ward and Miss.Fletcher welcome you to the Year 1 class page. We have an exciting year ahead of us in Year 1.


Autumn Term:


Our topic this term is Superheroes around the world. Our key question is What makes a Superhero? We will be looking at the key values of Courage, Responsibility and Community


In Maths, we will be focusing on place value, addition and subtraction and shape.


In Literacy, we will be exploring different superhero texts: Traction Man and Superman. We will also be looking at some poetry and real life super heroes in our non-fiction text.


In Phonics, we will be re-visiting phase 3 and introducing phase 4. There is a link below to some useful phonics websites.


Creation is the topic for this half term in RE. 


We will be exploring how superheroes differ in different countries and their countries of origin in Geography, as well as learning about the physical and human features of the countries.


Within our D.T. lessons, we will be making wooden puppets.


We look forward to an exciting term!

Spring Term:

Our topic for the first half term was transport. Our key concepts were change and dreams. The key question was: Could we survive without transport? We are looking forward to our visit to the London Transport Museum in June! We explored the first forms of transport, such as sedan chairs which were used by wealthy people and looked at what a horse and cart was used for. We investigated the very first motor cars and how they have changed over time. We had many discussions about whether cars are safer now, or whether they were safer in the past. We also learnt how the steam train changed the way people moved goods and traveled. 


In English, we went for an outing with Mr.Gumpy in his motor car and we went for a train ride to the seaside to visit Grandma. We enjoyed the repetitive nature of the class books. 


In Maths, we looked at place value to 20, along with addition and subtraction within 20. We explored 2D and 3D shapes.


In Science, we investigated different properties of materials and which were most suitable for different objects.


In RE, our topic was Incarnation. We explored the big question: Why is Christmas so important to Christians? We created posters to show connections between Jesus' teachings and the way Christians should live.


This half term, our topic is castles. Our key concepts are wealth, power and peace. We are exploring the key question Did you have to be rich and powerful to live in a castle? We are enjoying our castle role play, which has been visited by the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk!


In English, we have re-written the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and will be writing some non-fiction texts later in the term.


In Maths, we are learning the numbers up to 50 (forwards and backwards) and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s with the help of our friend Jack Hartman. We will be solving addition and subtraction problems later in the term and working on measurement problems.


In Science, we are learning about plants, and what plants need in order to grow. We may even grow something ourselves!


In RE, we have been studying Salvation. The big question is: Why does Easter matter to Christians? We will be learning about the Easter story and thinking about why the festival is both a sad and happy time for Christians. We will also be visiting St.James' Church to explore how the church prepares for Easter celebrations.


In phonics, we are re-visiting phase 5 and have playing lots of blending games in preparation for the Phonics Screening later in the year.




Science - The Human Body

Science - The Human Body 1

Maths - Place Value

Parent Letter Year 1 2019-2020