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Year 1

Week commencing 06/07/2020


Hi Year 1,


We hope that you are all well and those of you not in school are enjoying your home learning. It's lovely to see so many of you back in class. We miss those of you that have not yet returned, and we are looking forward to seeing you all in September.


Miss. Fletcher and Mrs. Ward


Play acorn adventures to learn the alternative pronounciations for g.

Remember that you can try lots of different subjects on these websites: and
Picture 1

Hello Year 1, how are you all keeping? Did you enjoy    the sunshine this week? It has been very very hot      and so I had to get up early and walk Tilly before it    got too hot! Last weekend we went to Harlow         Park with Tilly. We went into a scented garden           for  the blind ( that is people that cannot see). It had sculptures that you could feel and touch and         there were lots of beautiful scented flowers. I loved the roses. What do you think you would put into a        garden for the blind? Dogger, Little Bear and Daisy     have come to stay with me again. smiley They spent some time in class with me this week and joined in when we did our morning exercise! They got a bit dirty in the     playground, so I had to put them in the washing          machine. I don't think they were very happy about    that but they are lovely and clean nowsmiley. Have a look    at the photo's below.                                                   

Have a super week Year 1 xx                                       


Picture 1

LLiteracy this week is fiction and non-fiction writing. At the beginning of the week you will read and           compare two versions of Sleeping Beauty. You can     then have a go at some fiction story writing. Later in the week it is non- fiction writing. You will find out      about a common British bird, called a Blue Tit and          then will research information about other common British birds. Did you see the baby Moor Hens in the photo's above? I saw those at Harlow Park.                                       




Maths this week is all about beginning to divide by     grouping. You will be counting in tens, fives and twos and estimating totals. Later in the week you will be    estimating and measuring capacity, using cups.            



Phonics this week is Phase 5b and we are focusing on the alternative pronunciation for the letter 'c'. Have a look at the presentation on youtube below. There are also lots of  games on phonicsplay linked to this sound.



We are also practising to spell the tricky words:little, one, do, when, what, out. You could read the sentences below to your child and get them to write the sentences without seeing the words. There are lots of sentences games on phonicsplay.



Don't forget to check out PhonicsPlay Comics. They have a great comic linked to the 'c' you are doing in phonics.



Picture 1

                                                Outdoor Learning**

Listed below are some links for fun activities linked to nature and outdoor learning. Have fun                  smiley


Week commencing 22/06/2020



Hi Year 1, 


Saturday 20th June marked the Summer solstice, the longest day of the year, and the official start of Summer! 


It has been lovely to see some of your smiling faces back in school. For those of you that have not yet returned, we miss you! Miss. Fletcher and Mrs.Ward


This week is Science Week! Let's start with the Summer solstice. What is it?

As you know from our Science lessons, there are 4 seasons. Can you name them?

That's right: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. 

Well, the Summer solstice marks the end of Spring and the beginning of Summer. The Summer solstice always falls around this time in June. It is the day with the most amount of daylight hours. We get the most amount of daylight hours because of the position of the Earth in relation to the sun.


Most years, people gather at Stonehenge to watch the sun rise as it is believed that this was an important religious site thousands of years ago. This year is a little different because of Coronavirus, people have been asked to stay at home. 


This is what Summer solstice at Stonehenge looked like last year:


This year, a live stream of the whole event took place, so that people could watch from home:


The Summer solstice is significant in many different cultures. In Sweden, children celebrate by feasting on traditional foods such as pickled herring, salmon and potatoes and they dance around the maypole whilst wearing flower head wreaths. In Norway, huge bonfires are popular. In Iceland they celebrate with a three day Midnight Sun Music Festival. In Latvia, they also celebrate with traditional folk songs and dance. They, like in Sweden, dress in floral head wreaths. Bonfires and fireworks are popular in Spain. In the mountains in Austria, hundreds of bonfires are lit to mark this special time. In Russia, celebrations also involve bonfires and fire art. Sadly, because of Coronavirus, Summer solstice around the world will look very different this year.


Celebrations in Norway


Celebrations in Latvia


Celebrations in Russia


Celebrations in Austria

Could you create your own Summer solstice dance, or art work? Remember to send your pictures to



Here are some experiments for you to try at home:



We have noticed that in school, the children have raised lots of questions with regards to the Black Lives Matter protests that are currently taking place. We feel that it is really important to answer the questions that the children have as they try to make sense of what is happening in the world around them.


BBC Bitesize have put together a Parents' Survivial Guide - How to talk to your children about Black Lives Matter:


This week, we would like the children to think about valuing difference. Children should be asked these questions: What ways are we all different from one another? What are the benefits to this and the difficulties? What skills if any do you use to work through any difficulties?


Then, ask them to draw a gingerbread person on a piece of paper, think of a friend 

and write on the gingerbread person all of the ways that they are different from them in one colour, and all the ways that they are the same as them in another colour.


Ask  them to think about why it is a good thing that we are all different. How could we help someone that is being bullied because they are different? Can they draw a poster to show others how they could help?


This week in Literacy, we are going to be practising lots of skills. On Monday, we will be listening to and reading the story Bedtime for Monsters and will be using our comprehension skills to answer questions about the text. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we will be reading the story of Chicken's Bad Dream and will be trying to write our own version of the story. At the end of the week we will be looking at some traditional rhyming songs, and learning them off by heart to perform. We will also be looking at homophones. These are tricky as they are words that sound the same, but are spelt differently and have different meanings.




In Phonics, it is time to start phase 5b. This is tricky as it looks at alternative pronunciations. The English language is one of the most complex languages in the world. The way we explain these complexities and exceptions to the children is that the language sometimes likes to trick us. They are already familiar with this concept from their common exception words, which we refer to as tricky words, because you can't sound them out. This week, we will focus on exploring the alternative pronunciations of the i and o graphemes and some tricky words. As the children may find these difficult, I would suggest you spend two days on each of the graphemes and then the final day on tricky words.


Days 1 & 2: Exploring alternative pronunciations of the i grapheme.

Activity suggestions:

  • Sort the following words into lists as to how the i sound is pronounced: tin, pin, his, milk, link (these are all words with the i pronounced the way that they are currently used to) wild, blind, behind, remind (these are all words where the i grapheme is sounded differently).
  • Ask children to read the following sentence: The wild child did a trick. You will find a big stick behind the tree. Remind me to stick things in my mind. Can they figure out which words need the alternative pronunciation of the i grapheme?
  • Play Acorn Adventures on Phonics Play. Membership is still free.
  • Ask the children to write sentences containing some of the words in the first activity.


Days 2 & 3: Exploring alternative pronunciations of the o grapheme.

Activity suggestions:

  • Sort the following words into lists as to how the o sound is pronounced: hot, spot, shock, clock (these are all words with the o pronounced the way that they are currently used to) golf, so, don't, gold, both, hold (these are all words where the o grapheme is sounded differently).
  • Ask the children to read the following sentences: Don’t go to the hot spot. Can we both hold the gold block? Don't get a shock if it's too cold or too hot. Can they figure out which words need the alternative pronunciation of the o grapheme?
  • Play Acorn Adventures on Phonics Play.
  • Ask the children to write sentences containing some of the words in the first activity.


Day 5: Tricky words

This week we are focusing on tricky words: little, one, do, when, what out. Write these on a piece of paper. Can the children recognise the words? To practise spelling, ask them to get their magic finger out (they'll know what to do) and practise writing it normally, really big and really teeny tiny. Then write them down three times on a piece of paper. As an extension, they can write the words into sentences. Tricky word trucks is also a great game to play on Phonics Play.


In Maths this week we are looking at multiplication. In Year 1 we look at multiplication in terms of grouping so for example 4 lots of 10 so don't worry if the children don't understand the X symbol at the moment (4x10). You can introduce it, but it will not be a concept that they are familiar with yet. In class, we have done lots of work on counting in multiples of 2s, 5s and 10s and looking at the associated patterns. This week, we will be revising these skills on Monday. On Tuesday, the children will apply these skills in a different context, by looking at them in terms of money. On Wednesday, the children will move onto grouping. Towards the end of the week, the children will be focusing on 2D and 3D shapes, a topic which we covered earlier in the year.


This half term, we are learning about Hinduism. Attached below is a fact file about some of the Hindu gods/goddesses. Read all about them and decide which is your favourite. There are lots to choose from! Draw a picture of your favourite and write a few sentences about why you chose him/her. 

Picture 1

Hello Year 1, I hope you are all well. Thank                  goodness the sunshine has come out today. I went on  a lovely walk with Tilly this morning in an orchard.         An  orchard is a place where fruit trees grow. Have a look at my photo's and see if you can work out the    4  different types of fruits growing.They will not be   the  proper size until late summer/early autumn. I     also saw some pretty wild flowers. Maybe you can      look out for different wild flowers when you go out    for walks. I wonder how many different places they    grow in? Tilly had a haircut last this week, so she is    feeling much better in the heat. Have a lovely week   year 1 and enjoy the sunshine.                                    




Literacy this week is about communicating with family who are far away. My daughter Daisy is in Australia    so we have to find different ways to talk to each        other, such as writing letters and emails. Our book      this week is called  'Dear Greenpeace' and has a little girl called Emily in it, who writes lots of letters          because she thinks there is a whale living in her          pond! You are going to have a go at writing your own     letters. Perhaps you could write a letter to one of       your fiends or even your teachers.                                                                                                                  

We would love to hear from you smiley .                                                                                                                  





Please keep practising the Phase 5a sounds. Next       week we will start Phase 5b. There are lots of games on PhonicsPLay.                                                                                                                                                




Try and read everyday. There are lots of lovely books waiting for you on Bug Club and don't forget there is Phonics Play Comics. This links to the phonics that    you are learning.                                                          








Maths this week is about doubling and halving              numbers. Also odd and even numbers and finally          comparing the difference between two numbers.                                                                                           



                                                                        Outdoor Learning  

Perhaps you could go on a wild flower hunt? You     could see how many different flowers you could    find and the different places they grow.Or else    you could do a tree hunt. Maybe you could do      some drawings and paintings of them. Have funsmiley     

       *Celebrating our Home Learning*   


Thank you for the photo's  you have sent in of all        your fantastic work. There are examples of flower      and bug hunts, art, literacy, d & t  and even cooking.    What a delicious looking chocolate cake from Hope.    

              Please keep sending in your pictures smiley.          

Week beginning 08/06/2020


Hi Year 1, 


We hope that you are all well and have enjoyed another week of home learning. We are hoping that we get to see you really soon. We miss you all!


Dogger is very sad that the weather is so miserable at the moment. He is managing to keep himself occupied with the help of Sophia:


Keep well everyone,


Miss.Fletcher and Mrs. Ward

A special task...


The Diocese has asked us for help with a very important decision. They need our help in deciding who will be the next Bishop of Chelmsford. The last Bishop, Bishop Stephen, left at Easter to become Archbishop of York, an extremely important position in the Church of England.


What can you do to help?


Watch the following video about what a Bishop does: and then complete the attached questionnaire. You might need a little help from your parents. Send your completed questionnaire to by Wednesday 24th June for your chance to help choose the next Bishop!


Bishop Questionnaire


Usually, at this time of year, the Year 1s would be taking their Phonics Screening Test. Although they won't be taking the test, there are still plenty of opportunities for them to practise with example words. The test consists of two parts, and contains both real and fake 'alien' words to check whether the children are able to accurately decode. Children can take a practise test online using Phonics Play or use the words in the attached documents to practise. If you are unsure of any of the sounds then Oxford Owl have created a site where you can listen to the sound:



Literacy this week, continues along the same theme of Superheroes exploring both poetry and fiction texts.


The focus in Maths at the beginning of the week is subtraction using number facts. Please encourage your children to use the method illustrated rather than counting back. The second half of the week involves learning to tell the time to half past the hour. Telling the time is something that a lot of children really struggle with. It really helps to have analogue clocks around the house that you can refer to. We have also allocated some tasks on Maths Factor which you can access using your Bug Club login.


In RE this half term, we are learning all about Hinduism. This week, we are exploring Hindu places of worship. Have a look at the power point and write some sentences about what you find in a Hindu place of worship and why it is important.

If you want an extra challenge, try this reading comprehension :)


Sign up to The Wildlife Trusts 30 Days Wild Challenge - free of charge:

Picture 1

Hello everyone, I hope you have all had a super half term smiley.The weather has been lovely and sunny . I have been going on some long walks in the woods with Tilly and have been doing lots of gardening. Freddie, one of my cats has spent lots of time being lazy and sleeping in the sunshine. In a tree in my garden there is a pigeon's nest. The parents fly off every morning to get food for their babies! The garden is alive with life at this time of year. I have spotted butterflies, honey bees, lots of different birds and I even saw a baby grass snake! A fox comes into the garden every night looking for food.

What can you find living in your garden or woods near you? You could draw some pictures or send some photo's. We would love to see what you find. Have a lovely week. Take care, from Mrs Ward and Miss Fletcher x





Picture 1

This is the time of year when Year 1 would have been having their phonic screening. This government test covers all the phases from 3-5. You can try the interactive twinkl game or have a go at the attached practice sheets.





Literacy this week is all about Superheroes. Year 1 did a topic on Superheroes in the Autumn term and we thought a lot about what makes a superhero? Can you tell by looking at someone if they are a superhero? If you draw your favourite superhero, you could email us the pictures. We would love to see them.                 

                                                                      smiley smileysmileysmiley                                                                                               






Maths this week:

  • Using number facts to add 1-digit numbers to 2-digit numbers.
  • Telling the time to the hour.
  • Rehearsing and using the days of the week.
  • Rehearsing and using the months of the year.



 Celebrating our Home Learning Week 8

                                          Thank you to Hope for the fantastic photo's she took on a scavenger hunt in Harlow Park. Thank you also to Scarlett for the report about her nature walk and visit to Copped Hall. We also love the fantastic art and crafts from Harry and Molly. Keep sending us your work and pictures Year 1, we love to see them smiley.              

It is becoming more difficult to find age appropriate tasks on Purple Mash. We will continue to set a few new 2Dos each week (we may also ask you to repeat important tasks) but there are still lots of activities that a lot of you haven't completed so have a look back over your past 2Dos smiley


Hello Year 1, 


This will be our last post for a while as it is half term next week. It has been a very bizarre half term, but we hope that you have all enjoyed your home learning. We miss you all so much! Have a fantastic break. We will be posting some suggestions of ideas to keep you entertained this week, but the most important thing is to have fun with your families! Remember that although we won't be answering any emails next week, or sending any emails/phone calls, we still love to see what you've been up to, so if you want to send us your photos, we'd love to see them smiley


Keep safe!

Miss. Fletcher and Mrs.Ward

Half Term Activities

Celebrating our Home Learning!


Week Commencing 18/05/2020

Hi Year 1 and welcome to the last week of home learning before half term! We hope you are all keeping well and are having lots of fun at home with your families. As always, we miss you. 

Miss. Fletcher and Mrs. Ward

Whole School PE Competition

Whole School PE Competition  1

Dave the Dog - Explaining Coronavirus to Children



This week, we will be focusing on the split digraphs a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e, u_e. Remember that the magic, modifying 'e' changes the sound! There are some videos below to help you, and some activities for you to practise. Remember that Phonics Play is also still free to use at the moment.

Phase 5 Phonics | Split Digraphs | Learn to Blend with Phonics

Phase 5 Phonics | Split Digraphs (a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e and u-e) This is a short Phase 5 Phonics video to help teach or revise the split digraphs. These split d...

The Split Digraph Song

The Split Digraph Song by Anchor Creative Education. A split digraph is two letters making one sound however the two letters are split by another letter. e.g...


This week we will be exploring the stories of Handa's Hen and The Mouse, the Frog and the Little Red Hen. Handa is a firm favourite in Year 1 and you may well see her again if we return to the classroom! 



In Maths this week, we are looking at money. In addition to the activities suggested, why not set up your own shop and use real coins to buy things. How many items can you buy for £2? How much change would you get? How many different ways can you make £1 using different coins?


Later in the week, we will be exploring shape and pattern.


This week our Science lesson is based online, so you will need access to a computer for this one. We will be using BBC Bitesize to learn all about classifying animals:


In RE, we are still focusing on the religion of Islam. This week, we are learning about the Five Pillars of Islam. These are very important to Muslims. Watch the video and think about what teaches you to be strong and how have you learnt right from wrong? Who has guided you? Write a prayer of thanks for this guidance.




This week is mental health awareness week. The theme is kindness. Remember to be kind to yourself and those around you in these difficult times!

Talking Mental Health

Talking Mental Health is an animation designed to help begin conversations about mental health in the classroom and beyond. The animation and accompanying re...

Be Kind | A Children's Story about things that matter

What exactly is kindness? What is it to be kind? Is it being helpful? Being polite? Does it have to be a big act to be more kind? Well maybe the smallest act...


Additional Home Learning Activities:

Dave the Lonely Mosnster. Written by Anna Kemp and Sara Ogilvie. Published by Simon and Schuster.

Still image for this video
Listen out for the rhyming words!

Whole School Art Competition Deadline:


Don't forget that the deadline for the whole school art competition is today, Friday 15th May!

Celebrating Home Learning!

Mrs. Pask reads Katie and the Starry Night by James Mayhew

Still image for this video
Part 1

Part 2 of Mrs.Pask's story

Still image for this video
Picture 1

Hello everyone,


We hope you are all keeping well and safe. The weather has been absolutely brilliant this weekendsmiley just perfect for the V E celebration picnics. Dogger, Little Bear and Daisy had a great time with Miss Fletcher and Sophia. There were lots of yummy cakes to eat. I had a V E celebration with Tilly. I hope you like the photo's. Don't forget to send us yours, we can't wait to see themsmiley Also don't forget that entries for the art competition have to be in by Friday.smiley


From Mrs Ward and Miss Fletcher xx



The literacy for this week is all about traditional stories,including ' The Race Across The River', 'I Wish I had a Dragon' and 'Custard The Dragon'. If you do not have access to the internet I have added a 'Find the rhyme' poster and activity sheet. You could also write your own rhyming poem or story. 







  Don't forget to log into Bug Club if you can. We have allocated you lots of books to read at home. To help with reading the Common Exception words, we have added some word spotter stories for you to read. We have also added a comprehension for you to have a go at. There are 3 levels and it is about Deep Sea Explorers.












We are still focusing on Phase 5a and the graphemes for this week are:

wh/ph/ew/oe/au. Focus on a different sound everyday. There are lots of games on PhonicPlay to help you with these sounds and remember it is still free to use at the moment.


                                  The maths for this week is:


  • Pairs to 20
  • Totalling money
  • Working out the change from 20p (subtraction)
  • Symmetry


**This weeks maths challenge for you to try.**



An Introduction to Seasons: Day and Night

This week, our science lesson comes from BBC Bitesize:

You will need access to a computer to watch the videos.


Lots of new 2Dos have been set for this week smiley


Islam - Ramadan

A couple of weeks ago, we set some work on Ramadan, let's see what you remember.




This week we are learning about Ndebel African art. It was traditionally a way of painting and decorating their homes, using different patterns and shapes. The colours are very bright and cheerful. You could have a go at doing your own Ndebele shape patterns.





Dogger and friends had a fantastic day celebrating the 75th Anniversary of VE Day and remembering all those who lost their lives in the war. Remember to send photos of your celebrations to

VE Day Celebrations.

Don't forget our Whole School Art Competition. Entries must be in by Friday 15th May!

Don't forget our Whole School Art Competition. Entries must be in by Friday 15th May! 1

Celebrating our Home Learning!


Maths Challenge Answers:

Lee has 8 strawberries. 

Lee's shape could be drawn in several different ways:


Well done if you got the answers correct yes



Hi Year 1,


We hope that you are enjoying the sunshine and are keeping safe! Dogger and friends have been having fun with Sophia this week. They are very excited about Friday's picnic and have started to prepare. Dogger has even had a bath! 


We miss you all. Stay safe and we hope to see photos on Friday of your celebration picnics! 


Mss.Fletcher and Mrs.Ward

Dogger and friends

Dogger and friends 1
Dogger and friends 2
Dogger and friends 3
Dogger and friends 4
Dogger and friends 5
Dogger and friends 6

If you find yourself struggling, please do not struggle alone.

If you find yourself struggling, please do not struggle alone. 1

A special Invitation:

Dogger and friends would like to invite you to a special picnic at home to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. He would love you and any toy friends to join him. Email any pictures to so that we may all celebrate together.





Additional Nationwide Activities

Additional Nationwide Activities 1

Week commencing 04/05/2020


Hi Year 1, we hope that you are all keeping safe and that you are enjoying the work that we are setting for you. Don't worry if you can't get through it all, just make sure that you give some of it a go! We miss you lots.


Dogger and friends have had a wonderful week with Mrs.Ward, Tilly and the cats and are looking forward to spending this week with Miss.Fletcher and Sophia. They even popped into William Martin to brush up on their phonics. Perhaps you can help them with their phase 5 sounds when we get back to school Year 1!

Off to William Martin with Mrs.Ward!​​​​​​


Fun with flower arranging!


Trying to steal food! Cheeky!


Miss. Fletcher has helped with our phonics.

Mrs. Pask reading Peace at Last by Jill Murphy

Still image for this video

Maths challenge of the week:


Check back later in the week for the answers. If you can't wait that long, email us your answers. We love to hear from you!


Don't forget that you can play phonics games for free on Phonics Play:



This week, we are thinking all about tricky words. You could play tricky word trucks and train your brain if you have access to a computer:


If not, I'll place some documents below that you can print.

Ext: Can you write sentences containing the phase 5 tricky words? Could you include the joining words 'and' or 'because' in your sentences?

Phase 5 Tricky words

phase5trickywords #phase5hfwords #sightwords Learn your phase 5 phonics tricky words!


This week, our Literacy focus is story-writing, based on the text No Thank You! Remember to include lots of description in your stories. For an extra challenge, can you extend your sentences using 'and' or 'beacuse'? Can you include a '?' or '!'? Towards the end of the week, we will be exploring the poem Five Little Senses.




At the beginning of the week, we will be adding and subtracting numbers above ten by partitioning the numbers into tens and ones e.g. 43 - 11 becomes 43- 10 then take away another 1. There are 100 squares in the resources to help with this. Towards the end of the week, we will be moving on to looking at non-standard measurements for weight and length. If you do not have any scales at home, do not worry, just try and feel which objects are heavier or lighter. If you do not have lego or blocks at home, you can try and measure using something else e.g. pasta pieces or how many paperclips. Session 5 is tricky. I've left it on there for you to have a go if you want, but if you are unsure, please do not worry, the class has struggled with this concept previously, and it will be re-covered.


This half term in Science, we are exploring different types of animals. This week is your opportunity to go on a mini-beast hunt, identifying any that you find. You can also prepare a fact file on different animals, naming the animal, drawing a picture, describing where they live, what they eat and what they need to survive. 

Topic: Africa - You may need a little bit of help reading the power points.


Islamic Prayer - Prayer is very important in Islam, just as it is in Christianity. I have attached links to some videos below. Can you describe how Islamic prayer is similar or different to Christian prayer?


Celebrating our Home Learning!

30/04/2020 - Maths Challenge of the week - Answers

Well done for those of you that emailed us your answers. You all did brilliantly with this challenge! For those of you who have done the challenge, but have not emailed us your work, here are the answers. Well done if you worked them out correctly smileyyes



Hi Year 1,


We now have access to the Bug Club online reading books.


These are the books that you read at school, but online versions. They are matched to the phonics scheme that we teach in school. We have assigned books suited to your current reading level to your account and have emailed your parents your login details. If at any point your parents feel that you are finding the texts tricky or too easy please let us know via the class email address.


The link below will take you to the site:


Our school code is: gapw




Miss.Fletcher and Mrs.Ward


Some fantastic examples of home learning. We'd love to see more!

The Nickle Nackle Tree by Lynley Dodd published by ABC Books

Still image for this video
Mrs. Pask has prepared a fabulous reading of The Nickle Nackle Tree 😊

Week commencing 27/04/2020:


Hi Year 1. We hope you have all had a good week of home learning and are keeping well. Dogger and Little Bear have been enjoying the sunshine with Tilly and are looking forward to spending some time soon with Sophia. The picture below gives a little clue as to something all of the staff at St.James' have been working on for you: 


Dogger 1
Dogger 2

Maths challenge of the week:


We know you love a problem solving and reasoning challenge Year 1, so here is a tricky one for you. Check back at the end of the week for the answer! If you can't wait that long, your parents can always email us your answers for us to check on the class email address: We are happy to answer any other questions you may have and love to see what you have been getting up to. If you send any photos, let us know whether you are happy for us to put them on the website.



Practise, practise, practise! I'm attaching your phase 4 and phase 5 sound mats, some phase 5 flashcards and some tricky words for you to read and spell. Don't forget that you can also play your favourite games for free on Phonics Play. There's also some Roll and Read games attached to play.


This half term, we are studying Islam in RE. We have just entered the month of Ramadan (Thursday 23rd April 2020-Saturday 23rd May 2020). Ramadan is a very important time in the Islamic calendar. Muslims worldwide use this month to fast, pray and reflect. I am attaching a power point on the month of Ramadan. You may need an adult or older brother/sister to help you to read this. There are also some craft activities for you to try.​​​​​​


Topic: African Art 

This term, we are going to be exploring all things Africa, with a particular focus on African Art. I have attached some information on African Art. You will need an adult or older sister/brother to help you with some of the reading. I have attached some African patterns for you to try.


Lots of new 2Dos have been added to Purple Mash. Parents I'm attaching some information from Purple Mash regarding keeping safe in a digital world.

Keeping Safe in a Digital World

Other Home Learning Ideas:

Loss of a loved one:


Sadly, it has come to our attention that several families amongst our school community have lost loved ones. We are incredibly sorry to hear this. Grief can be particularly challenging for children and we have provided some links to some websites that may offer you some guidance on how to approach talking to your children on the subject of the loss of a loved one:


Miss.Fletcher and Mrs.Ward

Remember to stay safe online Year 1! CEOP KS1 Film : 'Lee & Kim' Cartoon Suitable 5 yrs -- 7 yrs

Cartoon 'Lee & Kim' if you have small children from 4 -- 7 years then you should let them view this short 10 minute cartoon, which is designed to keep them s...

Hello Year Ones!

We hope you all had a lovely Easter and got to eat some delicious chocolatesmiley We are missing you all and have really enjoyed seeing all your lovely photo's and can't wait to see some more soon smiley Dogger and Little Bear have been staying with me and they have been having lots of fun with Tilly.

 I will post some more photo's soon We hope you are all keeping safe and well and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.smiley

We have got some lovely activities listed below for you to keep you happy and busy. But please remember parents, we know that everyone's situation is different and you're already doing the most important job by supporting your children during these challenging times. So please don't worry, no one expects you to be a teacher! Remember,they are learning all the time from all the things you do together.smiley Keep safe everyone, from Mrs Ward and Miss Fletcher


There is a new phonicsplay website that has been set up for parents. It is free at the moment.  

You need to log in as a parent.

The user is: march 20

Password is: home

You will find lots of phonics games to help the children with the learning of the sounds and also to help them with blending the different sounds and reading sentences containing the sounds. For the next two weeks you could practice revising all the Phase 5a sounds with them.

There is also a fantastic new website that helps the children practice their sounds by reading comics. Again focus on Phase 5a sounds but please feel free to go to a phase below or above if you feel your child needs













**Other Home Learning resources and ideas**


  • New activities have been set for you on Purple Mash.
  • Maths activities will soon be set for you on: Rockstar and Numbots.
  •  - this site has reading books available to read online and the parents section has links and ideas for supporting maths.

No more monkeys! By Joshua George and Barbara Bakos published by Top That Publishing

Still image for this video



Easter Activities:


  • Practise your spellings from throughout the year. These are all stuck in your spellings books.
  • Practise number bonds to 10 and 20 (0 + 10 = 10, 1 + 9 = 10, 2 + 8 = 10 etc  and 0 + 20 = 20, 1 + 19 = 20, 2 + 18 = 20 etc)
  • Count in 2s, 5s, and 10s and in 1s forwards and backwards to 100.
  • Do some of the 2Dos on Purple Mash. They are not all to be done in 1 day. You've got 2 weeks to do them so take your time as no more will be set.
  • Many of the zoos are recording live sessions where you can see the animals being fed and learn some interesting facts.
  • Lets go Live with Maddie and Greg has been recommended by one of our classmates. You can find this on YouTube every week day at 11am. They focus on answering questions about science, nature and gardening. You can send them your own questions for them to answer.
  • Create a treasure hunt for your family. Write some clues for them to follow to reach some treasure.
  • Continue with your daily exercise: Go for a walk (remember to keep away from other people). What do you notice about nature? or stay indoors and do one of the activities on our keeping active page.
  • Use recycling to make a model (cereal boxes, toilet roll and kitchen roll cardboard inserts etc) Get creative - What can you make?
  • Create some Spring/Easter pictures to brighten up the house
  • Create a den in the living room using bed sheets.
  • Have a family disco - listen to your favourite songs and dance, dance dance!
  • Create a family band using instruments that you can create from objects around the house. Pots and pans make great drums, shakers can be made from rice or pasta in a tupperware box, a guitar can be made from rubber bands around an empty butter pot. 
  • Play rhythm games. Clap a sequence, can your family clap it back?
  • Play rhyme games - how many rhyming words can you think of in a minute? e.g. cat, bat, mat, rat etc.
  • Create a party for your favourite toy (or Dogger): Write a menu, party invites, guest list. What needs to be done for the party? (Party games, decorations etc).
  • Do some Easter cooking. I will put some recipes further down on the page.
  • Do some Easter Crafts: Easter bonnet or hat making, painting hard boiled eggs, potato stamping.
  • Play board games.

Maths resources:

We use the White Rose Scheme at school. They have created some home learning activities:


BBC Bitesize have a whole range of games that can be played online along with other activities. Please make sure you use KS1:


Twinkl are offering free membership at the moment:

English/Literacy Resources:

Twinkl are offering free membership - Year 1 resources:


BBC Bitesize KS1:


Oxford Owl are offering free ebooks:


Phonics Play:



Hi Year 1,


We hope you are all staying well and are enjoying the activities that we have suggested. Remember that these are just ideas, you don't have to do all of them, and you may have some other ideas of your own. We'd love to see any photos of the home learning that you've been doing. Your parents can send us an email using the email address below. Remember to say whether or not it is ok for us to put your pictures on the website for the rest of the class to see.


Have you been managing to stay active? Mrs. Cox has uploaded lots of ideas in a separate page on this website. My personal favourite is getting active with Disney Family: There are also lots of other great ideas and free resources on the rest of the website. 


I've created some more 2Dos on Purple Mash. The last 2Dos were focused on History and Literacy, the new set are Science and Maths related. Well done to those of you that have been doing these. I've left you all a little comment.


Look out later in the week for some more suggestions and ideas.


Keep Safe! We miss you!


Anansi the Clever Spider retold by Susie Linn published by Top That Publishing

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A Piece of Cake by Jill Murphy and published by, Walker Books Ltd.

New video 2.mp4

Still image for this video

Hello Year 1,


Rainbows of Hope seem to be springing up all over the place. Have you created yours? We would love to see them and any other examples of the learning that you have been doing at home. We now have a class email address where your parents can write to us to let us know how you've been getting on with your learning, share photos (please let us know if you're happy for the photos to go on the website) and ask any questions:


More home learning ideas have been added below.


We miss you all and hope that you are all well!


Miss.Fletcher and Mrs.Ward


Hic! Jaclin Azoulay shared with permission of Imagine That Publishing Ltd

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Science Ideas



Hi Year 1!


Just a quick message to say that we hope you are all well and are enjoying spending some time with your families. We miss you! We hope that you are managing to work your way through your home learning pack and some of the activities suggested on this site. We will be updating the website regularly so watch this space for some new activity suggestions.


Keep safe!


Miss. Fletcher and Mrs.Ward


Home Learning & Well Being:

Some suggested activities:

  • Take a walk and observe the evidence of Spring. Make a record of what you saw.
  • Plant a seed and watch it grow. How did you take care of your plant?
  • Play a board game with your family. 
  • Practice life skills such as tying shoelaces, learning simple cooking skills, using a knife and fork correctly and taking part in age-related household chores.
  • Dance to your favourite song!
  • Complete the 30 day lego challenge.
  • Create a picture - add some arts and crafts if you have them available.
  • Create a model castle.
  • Practice your spellings from the entire year.
  • Read daily.
  • Complete your home learning pack.
  • Research castles. Can you write down any key facts? Do you have any questions you want answered?
  • Practice number bonds to 10 (0+10 = 10, 1 + 9 = 10, 2 + 8 = 10 etc) Jack Hartman on youtube is helpful for this.
  • Count forwards and backwards to 100.
  • Count in 2s, 5s and 10s.
  • Create a poster about being a good friend.
  • Create an Easter Prayer.


Suggested Websites to help with home learning (Links supplied at bottom of website:

  • TWINKL are currently providing free membership with code CVDTWINKLHELPS (limited time only) you can download Year 1 curriculum based material.
  • Phonics Play are currently providing free membership using username: march20 password: home (limited time only). We have covered phases 3-5a so far this year. There are many games related to these phases for the children to play.
  • Purple Mash is a computing program that the children are familiar with from use within school. Children should have their own individual logins stuck in either their spellings book or their reading record.
  • TopMarks have free online games that can be played for both Maths and Literacy. Please make sure that you select Year 1.


We hope you find this helpful,


Miss. Fletcher and Mrs.Ward


Welcome to Year 1

Mrs. Ward and Miss.Fletcher welcome you to the Year 1 class page. We have an exciting year ahead of us in Year 1.


Autumn Term:


Our topic this term is Superheroes around the world. Our key question is What makes a Superhero? We will be looking at the key values of Courage, Responsibility and Community


In Maths, we will be focusing on place value, addition and subtraction and shape.


In Literacy, we will be exploring different superhero texts: Traction Man and Superman. We will also be looking at some poetry and real life super heroes in our non-fiction text.


In Phonics, we will be re-visiting phase 3 and introducing phase 4. There is a link below to some useful phonics websites.


Creation is the topic for this half term in RE. 


We will be exploring how superheroes differ in different countries and their countries of origin in Geography, as well as learning about the physical and human features of the countries.


Within our D.T. lessons, we will be making wooden puppets.


We look forward to an exciting term!

Spring Term:

Our topic for the first half term was transport. Our key concepts were change and dreams. The key question was: Could we survive without transport? We are looking forward to our visit to the London Transport Museum in June! We explored the first forms of transport, such as sedan chairs which were used by wealthy people and looked at what a horse and cart was used for. We investigated the very first motor cars and how they have changed over time. We had many discussions about whether cars are safer now, or whether they were safer in the past. We also learnt how the steam train changed the way people moved goods and traveled. 


In English, we went for an outing with Mr.Gumpy in his motor car and we went for a train ride to the seaside to visit Grandma. We enjoyed the repetitive nature of the class books. 


In Maths, we looked at place value to 20, along with addition and subtraction within 20. We explored 2D and 3D shapes.


In Science, we investigated different properties of materials and which were most suitable for different objects.


In RE, our topic was Incarnation. We explored the big question: Why is Christmas so important to Christians? We created posters to show connections between Jesus' teachings and the way Christians should live.


This half term, our topic is castles. Our key concepts are wealth, power and peace. We are exploring the key question Did you have to be rich and powerful to live in a castle? We are enjoying our castle role play, which has been visited by the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk!


In English, we have re-written the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and will be writing some non-fiction texts later in the term.


In Maths, we are learning the numbers up to 50 (forwards and backwards) and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s with the help of our friend Jack Hartman. We will be solving addition and subtraction problems later in the term and working on measurement problems.


In Science, we are learning about plants, and what plants need in order to grow. We may even grow something ourselves!


In RE, we have been studying Salvation. The big question is: Why does Easter matter to Christians? We will be learning about the Easter story and thinking about why the festival is both a sad and happy time for Christians. We will also be visiting St.James' Church to explore how the church prepares for Easter celebrations.


In phonics, we are re-visiting phase 5 and have playing lots of blending games in preparation for the Phonics Screening later in the year.




Science - The Human Body

Science - The Human Body 1

Maths - Place Value

Parent Letter Year 1 2019-2020