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Worship at Home

Bible stories about forgiveness

This half term our school value is 'forgiveness'.  Below are stories from the Bible that teach us about forgiveness.  Listen to the stories with your child and then discuss them. Some questions you may ask are: Who showed forgiveness?  Who needed to be forgiven?  What would you do in this situation?  How did each character feel at different points during the story?  What did you learn from this story?

Jesus Forgives Peter

Peter denied Jesus 3 times, but he was forgiven because Jesus is merciful. This Bible story is based on text from Matthew 26:31-35, John 18:15-27, and John 2...

The Lost Son Returns I Stories of God I Animated ChildrenĀ“s Bible Stories| Holy Tales Bible Stories

The Lost Son Returns is an animated childrenĀ“s Bible story about the parable of two sons. One who could not wait but lost his fortune.

Other Bible Stories

Please also see the bible stories which feature rainbows.  Rainbows are obviously prominent symbols at the moment, so it would be useful for our pupils to know the Christian background.

Stories Jesus Told

Still image for this video

God's Story Noah

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Worship through Song

At St James' we love to sing so please find a couple of songs below that the children may like to learn.

The Hero SINGALONG by Awesome Cutlery

Father, I Place into Your Hands

'Looking To The Rainbow' (Lockdown Song) by Becky Drake and The Blue Coat School Chapel Choir

A song of hope for schools to perform during the Covid-19 pandemic. Backing track and instructions available for free download at

Faith at Home

The Church of England has created a website which has resources for families.  Please click on the link below to find out more...


Children's prayers to share at home

 Below you will find a collection of prayers that you may wish to say at home with your family.  Use the time to quietly reflect upon the words that are said and give thanks for our wonderful school community.

Reverend Richard kindly shared this prayer with us...


Lord God, you are always with me.
You are with me in the day and in the night.
You are with me when I am happy and when I'm sad.
You are with me when I'm healthy and when I am ill.
You are with me when I am peaceful and when I am worried.
Today I am feeling __________ because __________.
Help me to remember that you love me and are with me in everything today. 

1. A Prayer for When I am Thankful

God, thank You for this day!

Thank You for the birds and the animals, the flowers and the trees, the lakes and the streams, and the sun that rises and sets over them each day.

Thank You for creating everything we see!

Thank You for the life we live, and for making each person different.

Thank You for Jesus, who died for us so that we can go to heaven one day just for believing in Him.

What an amazing God You are!

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


2. A Prayer for When I am Sad

God, I am sad.

But You are good, and You are there.

You listen to me when I cry.

I can cry to You and tell You what is wrong.

Even when I don’t know what to say, I can just pray, “Help me, God, I’m so sad.”

You promise that whatever I am going through, You will be there.

Thank You for always loving me, even when I am really sad.

Thank You for this day, even though it’s not been the best day.

Show me how to cheer up.

Help me to be happy.

Help me to see and remember all of the good things You have blessed my life with, and dry my tears.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


3. A Prayer for My Friend

God, Thank You for my friend.

Thank You for giving us people to talk to and laugh with.

I pray for my friend today, that they have a good day and a blessed life.

They are a blessing to me, God, when I need them the most.

Just like Jesus is to me.

Help me to be kind like Jesus.

To be a good friend to others and spread His love.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


4. A Prayer for Help

God, Sometimes I don’t feel like talking about what’s wrong.

I just want to be mad or sad or frustrated.

I would rather sit by myself.

Sometimes, things feel too big for me to figure out.

Sometimes, life seems really unfair.

I need Your help, God.

You are the only One who sees everything and knows everything.

Can You help me to trust You, today?

Please teach me how to take what I feel and give it to You to sort out.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Meg Bucher

Bedtime Prayers

These are a prayers that are easy for children to learn to say before they go to sleep.  It has been shown that praying before bed has many benefits including reducing stress, developing self-control and compassion and building trust.


1. Thank You, God!

This prayer is in the form of a rhyme and can be remembered by children easily. It is also simple and can be understood without difficulty. This prayer is about thanking God for all the good things he has provided. It goes as follows:


“Thank you God for the world so sweet,
Thank you God for the food we eat,
Thank you, God for the birds that sing,
Thank you, God, for everything!”


2. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

This is a very popular prayer that has several variations. Here are 2 versions of this prayer:


“Now I lay me down to sleep.
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
If I should live for other days,
I pray the Lord to guide my ways.
Lord, unto thee I pray, thou hast guarded me all day;
safe I am while in thy sight.
Safely let me sleep tonight.

Bless my friends; the whole world blesses;
Help me to learn helpfulness.
Keep me ever in thy sight,
so to all, I say good night.”

“Now I lay me down to sleep;
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
May God guard me through the night,
And wake me with the morning light.”


3. Hi, It’s Me!

This beautiful rhyme is a child’s bedtime prayer and can be easily understood even by toddlers.


“Hi, it’s me, just come to pray
And thank you for a fun-filled day!
You’ve been with me, so I know you’ve seen
All the great exciting things.
But also when I’m sad or cross
I know you love me, no matter what!
So help me rest and go to sleep
And feel the peace of your love for me.”


4. Dear God

This is a prayer for young children of school-going age and for a child who has had a bad day or is feeling sad or troubled.


“Dear God,
I’ve felt a bit sad today.
Sometimes people say things that upset me.
Sometimes I feel lonely at school.
Sometimes I feel misunderstood by my mum and dad.
Sometimes my feelings are all mixed up inside.
Please make me feel better.
Please make me sleep with good dreams.
Please make a happier day tomorrow.”


5. Father, We Thank Thee

Children should say this bedtime prayer to show gratitude to God for showering his blessings on them. This prayer is ideal for making your child understand that it is important to be thankful for the good things in life, and to be kind and loving.


“Father, We thank thee for the night,
And for the pleasant morning light;
For rest and food and loving care,
And all that makes the day so fair.
Help us to do the things we should,
To be to others kind and good;
In all we do, in work or play,
To grow more loving every day.”


6. Angels Bless

This prayer asks angels to watch over your child.


“Angels bless, and angels keep
Angels guard me while I sleep
Bless my heart and bless my home
Bless my spirit as I roam
Guide and guard me through the night
and wake me with the morning’s light.”


7. Lord in Heaven

This prayer asks for God’s care and guidance. It also asks God to bless all the people who love you.


“Lord in heaven, hear my prayer,
Keep me in your loving care.
Be my guide in all I do.
Bless all those who love me, too.”


8. When I See the Moon

This is an ancient prayer that praises God for his kindness.


“When I see the moon in the night sky,
I speak my evening prayer;
Praise be to the being of life,
For his kindness and his goodness.”


9. Lord Be Beside Us

This prayer asks God to guide and protect the whole family.


“Lord be beside us, all every day
Guiding and leading us gently always.
Lord be above us, help us to see
The hope of the future, of all we could be.
Lord be beneath us, carry us when
We’re too shattered or tired to really have strength.
Lord be ahead of us, smoothing our paths
Protecting and blessing the places we pass.
Lord be behind us, healing our wounds,
Forgiving our mistakes and making us new.
Lord, be within us, this family is yours
Now and forever, you are our Lord.”


10. God, Grant Me the Serenity

This prayer is for slightly older children and asks God for serenity, wisdom, and courage.


“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.”


Making your child say a bedtime prayer every night will give you a chance to bond with him/her. You can also talk to your child about the things that might be troubling him/her and give a solution to his problem. After the prayer session, teach your child values like kindness and truthfulness. A bedtime prayer habit will also help your child calm down and sleep restfully. So, teach these bedtime prayers to your little one, and raise a happy child.