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Welcome to Reception!


We have had a fabulous start to our school career and are all now settled well into school life. We have made lots of new friends and have been enjoying new learning experiences. Please scroll through our gallery below for a snippet of what we have been up to.

Meet the class!

Meet the class! 1

Reception Class Mission Statement


In Reception we try to be a good friend like Jesus was.

We try to always be kind. We try to listen to each other and share our toys and games. 

Sometimes we might get upset with each other but we are learning to say sorry

and to forgive the person who upset us as Jesus taught about forgiveness. 

In our class we will believe, love and learn together as friends.

 World Nursery Rhyme Week!

This week (Monday 18th-Friday 22nd November) is World Nursery Rhyme Week. To celebrate, we will be basing our learning this week around our favourite nursery rhymes. Please take time this week to share a different nursery rhyme with your child ever day this week and to discuss the words which rhyme in it.

You can find out more at or take time to look through the PowerPoint below.



Parents' Phonics Workshop


Thank you to the parents who joined us for this informative session about phonics and how to support your child. We hope you now feel more confident about phonics and enjoyed playing some of the phonics games we regularly use during our in class activities.


As promised, I have uploaded the PowerPoint which contains all of the links we discussed and useful video explaining the different elements of early phonics.


If you were unable to attend, please take time to look through the information on the PowerPoint and please do ask us if you have any questions at all.

Welcome letter and termly overview

We have introduced the following sounds...










g o c k
ck e u r


Please practise these sounds with your child at home. See if they can recognise them in words, play I-spy with these sounds, try writing the graphemes for each and making words by blending these phonemes together.

Log into: for interactive phase 2 games to support your child.

We have introduced the following tricky words...

a the